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YuMEGA Boost is a nutritional powder which is added to a dog’s food and contains active nutrients including phospholipids, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins that are recognised to play a crucial role in coat growth and condition.

◦Lecithin provides a concentrated source of phospholipids plus fatty acids which are essential for health coat growth

◦Biotin has been scientifically proven to improve skin condition and promote coat growth & recovery

◦Zinc plays an important role in skin condition and is known to be an essential component for hair growth

◦Yeast & Liver are natural sources of Vitamin B, supporting hair gowth and condition

◦Vitamins C&E are important anti-oxidants that help to maintain healthy skin to support the coat

◦Mannan-oligosaccharides support healthy digestion, ensuring optimal uptake of nutrients to ensure rapid coat growth & recovery Feed the following amounts daily to give your dog's coat a boost:

Small breeds (up to 10kg) - 1 scoop

Medium breeds (11-20kg) - 2 scoops

Large breeds (21-30kg) - 3 scoops

Very large breeds (over 30 kg) - 4-5 level scoops

Suitable for puppies over 8 weeks.

Feeding YUMEGA BOOST in conjunction with YUMEGA ShowDog can give your dog a perfect coat and encourage rapid recovery back to full show condition.

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