Canagan 無穀物田園野味配方(鴨肉, 鹿肉, 兔肉)(小型犬全犬糧) 2kg (細粒)

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Canagan無穀物 田園野味 鴨+鹿+兔肉 (全犬及小型犬用)(細粒)
Canagan Small Breed - Grain Free Country Game with Duck Venison & Rabbit 
1. FRESHLY PREPARED DUCK & VENISON----All of this rich dark meat is a good source of iron and vitamin B, and the duck in particular is a great source of Omega-3 and 2. SWEET POTATO----A highly digestible premium source of slow-release energy, rich in anti-oxidants and a great source of soluble fibre.
3. SEAWEED----Provides a natural and valuable source of minerals which contain iodine to support thyroid function and control metabolism.
4. MARIGOLD, CRANBERRY AND CAMOMILE----Marigold stimulates white blood cell production and strengthens the immune system. Cranberry is rich in Vitamin C and helps promote a healthy urinary tract. Camomile is thought to reduce stress.
1. 新鮮鴨子和維生素----所有這些黑肉都是鐵和維生素B的豐富良好來源,特別是鴨是歐米茄-3和6的重要來源。
2. 甘藷----富含抗氧化劑和可溶性纖維的重要來源,是高度易消化的高效消化能源。
3. 海藻----提供含有碘的礦物質的天然和有價值的來源,以支持甲狀腺功能和控制新陳代謝。
4. 萬壽菊,蔓越莓和甘菊----萬壽菊刺激白細胞產生並增強免疫系統。蔓越莓富含維生素C,有助於促進健康的尿路。洋甘菊被認為可以減輕壓力。

Ingredients: Freshly Prepared Deboned Duck (16%), Dried Duck (12.5%), Sweet Potato, Dried Herring (8.5%), Freshly Prepared Deboned Venison (7.5%), Peas, Potato, Turkey Fat (5%), Dried Rabbit (4%), Dried Venison (4%), Dried Egg (3.75%), Alfalfa, Pea Protein, Salmon Oil (2.25%), Chicken Gravy (1.5%), Potato Protein, Minerals, Vitamins, Apple, Carrot, Spinach, Seaweed, Fructooligosaccharides, Psyllium, Camomile, Peppermint, Marigold, Cranberry, Aniseed & Fenugreek.

成分: 新鮮野生鴨肉(16%),脫水鴨肉(12.5%),甜薯,脫水青魚(8.5%),新鮮野生鹿肉(7.5%),
豌豆,馬鈴薯,火雞脂肪(5%),脫水兔肉(4 %),脫水鹿肉(4%),脫水雞蛋(3.75%),苜蓿,豌豆蛋白,三文魚油(2.25%),雞肉肉汁(1.5%),馬鈴薯蛋白質,礦物質,維生素,蘋果,胡

Analysis 營養分析

  • Crude Protein粗蛋白質               36%
  • Fat Content脂肪含量                  19%
  • Crude Fibres粗纖維                    3%
  • Crude Ash粗灰質                       10%
  • Moisture水份                              8.5%
  • Omega 6                                    3.21%
  • Omega 3                                    0.9%
  • Calcium鈣                                  2.13%
  • Phosphorus磷                           1.32%



Each dog is unique and the optimal feeding amounts vary significantly depending on factors such as age, activity, metabolism and environment

As a starting point we suggest you begin at the lower end of our guide and adjust accordingly.


If the dog looks overweight reduce food intake by 10%


If the dog looks underweight increase food intake by 10%


Continue until the correct weight is achieved

Adult Feeding Guide 成犬餵養指南

Weight 重量(kg) Amount克 (g)
3 35-80
5 75-120
7 80-150
10 90-190

Puppy Feeding Guide Daily Amount (g)幼犬餵養指南每日量(g) 

Expected Adult Weight Puppy Feeding Guide Daily Amount (g) 幼犬餵養指南每日量(g)
預計成年體重 Toy 1‑4kg Small 5‑10kg Medium 10‑25kg
2-3 months 65 145 215
4-5 months 85 165 235
6-7 months 95 180 255
8-9 months 85 165 255
10-11 months 65 155 235
12-13 months Adult 成犬 145 225
14-15 months Adult 成犬 Adult 成犬 215
16-17 months Adult 成犬 Adult 成犬 Adult 成犬

1. Canagan可以斷奶時用,搗碎倒進水。

1. Canagan can be introduced at weaning, mashed down with water.

2. 在5和6週慢慢地轉到乾糧。

2. Between 5 and 6 weeks slowly move them onto dry kibble.

3. 確保有清潔的飲用水提供,貯存於陰涼乾燥處。

3. Always ensure there is clean drinking water available and store on a cool dry place.


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